The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi

Mar 11, 2010

A thing about muzzles

When I was sitting at a bus station, I saw this beautiful German shepherd with his blind owner. The dog was quite large and had a magnificent fur. However, he also had a very sad look in his eyes. And I began to wonder why. Then something occurred to me. He had a muzzle on. Now in Poland there is a law that every large dog is obliged to have a muzzle on while outdoors. This is supposed to be a protection for humans from the large and dangerous dogs. Still I see some ill-considered thinking here. Why do humans believe that all large dogs are dangerous ? I think a muzzle should be worn only by the more aggressive races (but even Dobermans which are usually trained as protective dogs and killers, are quite nice and friendly if brought up correctly). I must say the German Shepherd looked quite miserable. I’m sure he wasn’t a bad dog, he helped a blinded man after all. And the muzzle made him look like a criminal. I think that some people react like that, they see a large dog with a muzzle and they think “this dog is probably dangerous, we should stay away from it” while the reality is quite opposite. Imagine that humans who are over 2 meters high or weight over 150 kilo would have to wear cuffs all the time “just for the safety measures”. Its intimidating, and I think some of the dogs think of the muzzle as some sort of punishment. I would think that I had done something wrong, if I had to wear such a thing. Some dogs can be aggressive, some can attack if they have a bad day, or can attack because they suffered from bad rising by bad humans. But I think people should keep a closer eye on their dogs if there is a possibility of them being aggressive. Muzzles are just an easy way out of the problem. Its like those stupid mothers who gossip with their girly friends while their children play in the sandbox or around the swings and then suddenly disappear. And then there is shouting and crying “where is my baby?”, well you should have kept an eye on him stupid woman…. And then the poor dogs, those who attack often come from broken homes, meaning their owners treat them with cruelty. And they don’t look after the dogs, they just let them run loose. And thus clever humans came up with the brilliant idea of muzzles for every large dog. Making some of my good hearted calm brothers look like criminals.

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