The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi

Jan 23, 2010

The story of pointy tail

There are numerous stray animals around neighborhoods in Poznan (Poland). Most of the time, they keep away from humans, minding their own business and struggling to survive. Pointy Tail was no different, with an exception. He was beautiful, and had that wise look in the eyes. He attracted attention. Hence some good hearted people fed him, and he never ran away from them. Also he always knew how to behave, never bit or scratched the hand that fed him, nor he attacked people. He was a real cat aristocrat with his tiger like pattern, dark grey with a white tip at the tail. Today he died. Somebody poisoned him and he died in agony. The culprit remains unknown. It makes me wonder - why? Why did somebody add poison to Pointy Tail's food ? That cat never did anybody harm. I guess, somebody didn't like his presence around. Its not like the neighborhood cats walk around your flats or houses, then what could possibly be the reason ? Some say, that stray animals spoil the surroundings (i.e. relieve themselves everywhere), but the same applies to domestic dogs that are taken out for a walk, and who's masters don't bother to clean after. And humans should remember, that its the only way the animals can do it. Outside. Humans invented toilets but animals were here first. If their stuff bothers humans, they should clean after them. Not kill them. That is only a speculation, I do not know the reason behind Pointy Tail's death. He mated a beautiful grey kitten, and their offspring will soon wander around this neighborhood. I hope they will live at peace.

Note: what I find disturbing is the accessibility and low prices of some rat poisons. Anybody can lay their hands on such products and poison any animal. I believe such chemicals should only be available to people working as professional pest terminators. Although it would be best, if they were never created at all. They are ways of getting rid of rats without killing them.

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