The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi

Jan 26, 2010

Toys rn’t us

I often wonder, what drives humans to have pets. Their looks ? Their cuteness ? It is beyond doubt that animals are beautiful, all kinds and races. Humans may be good looking or bad looking, and animals are always beautiful. But if looks are the reason, then pets are treated just like an object, like an accessory that looks good in the family pictures. I’m not saying that tamed, domestic animals are not given proper care and attention. I’m sure they are given food and care. But what was at first a cute ‘toy’ later becomes a burden, a problem. Especially during winter times and summer times. Winter times apply to dogs and all the animals that can’t use a toilet at home. Cats don’t have that problem. And its not dogs fault they can’t do it at home. Their owners should understand, but no, its cold outside it’s a problem. I often see owners taking their dogs for a walk during these very cold days, and they never look happy. But to be honest, nor do the dogs. Why ? Because in winter they are taken out not as often. And they hate being indoors all the time. Also, why is it that people living in flats, adopt large dogs ? That’s insanity. Large dog, small spaces, no freedom of movement. It is especially the case with Siberian Husky. I’ve seen many of those around, who’s owners live in flats, not houses with gardens, and I’ve seen their sad eyes. I’m not saying these dogs are not treated properly, they always look healthy and well groomed, but their eyes show the truth. Their spirit is often fading. During summer, all animals need to be strong. In Poland cases of pets being left by the road are numerous. Animal hotels aren’t cheap, and its easier to just leave them in a forest. Pets aren’t toys that you can throw out whenever you feel like. Furthermore, I think children are often not brought up properly around pets. They do treat them as toys, as something to cuddle, pat, observe, but the responsibility fades somewhere and usually parents are the one taking care of their pets. And after kids grow up, a dog or a cat become just your usual burden. I’m not saying it happens all the time, and I give my regards to all those animal lovers who get pets with conscious knowledge of responsibilities and suitable environments for particular animals. Humans should remember that large dogs require space and a lot of exercise, and even smaller dogs have to go out more than once a day. And don’t treat cats as toys, some races are submissive, just like humans can be, but it doesn’t mean they are fond of it all the time.

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