The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi

Feb 8, 2010


I often wonder why humans wear fur coats and other clothes made out of fur and animal skin ? Because it looks good on them ? To be honest, furs look better on its right owners. Animals are beautiful, they have beautiful and colorful furs, and humans are greedy and vile and wish to take that beauty away. In this modern human world, artificial furs and leather are common, cheap and fine. Why does humans have to steal from animals their beauty and pride ? And then they are left dead. I’m saying animal world isn’t brutal. Many species fight for survival every day, as far as wild, free animals are concerned. But survival is not the same as greed. Never kill out of your own whim, never kill more than needed. The sad reality is that now, even domestic animals are endangered. The reason for the whole today’s note is what I’ve learned quite accidentally. A randomly found video on youtube, created by PETA. I’d like to know that I don’t find PETA perfect, there are humans there that care sincerely about animals, but there are also those that treat some species with greater care and some they don’t respect at all, money is one of the reasons too. However, this particular movie is quite shocking in its message. I suggest turning down the volume, because the background music is there only to make the viewers feel sad for the animals showed there or feel sorrow. I myself was mentally ravaged by it, and angered. At times like this I wish I were more powerful to help my animal brothers in need. But I’m stuck powerless.

Here is the link to the video The animals in China

I must warn you that it is pretty brutal and not suitable for younger viewers. However it shows how the situation of domestic animals is in China. If not the fact those humans are a powerful nation, I would stand up and fight for those little one's rights. I wish justice to strike those humans one day.

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